Reviews for Carringtons series

Stilettos for Wellies

Never mind sore feet from partying all night long in stilettos, that was my old life in London. I live in the countryside now, a rural idyll in the depths of Sussex, or is it Kent? It’s hard to be sure where the border is with all the greenery and […] Read more »

Review Cupcakes 8

‘I loved Cupcakes At Carrington’s, a warm, witty, loveable read with plenty of sparkle and charm.’ Rowan Coleman Read more »

Review Cupcakes 6

‘Cupcakes at Carrington’s is deliciously delightful from start to finish, sprinkled with magic and full of heart.’ Miranda Dickinson Read more »

Review Cupcakes 5

‘A sparkling debut…funny, romantic and utterly charming. Devour in one sitting like a delicious, indulgent cupcake then go back and start again.’ Sasha Wagstaff Read more »

Review Cupcakes 4

‘From the moment I read the first page of Alexandra’s book, I knew I was being allowed to see something special. I believe that Alexandra has created a very real and likeable cast of characters that will appeal to a wide audience. Her writing style is crisp and funny and […] Read more »