Christmas at Carrington’s

Georgie Hart loves Christmas time at Carrington’s Department store. Running the luxury handbag department, Georgie adores helping customers in the hunt for the perfect gift for the perfect someone. And this year is no exception – now she has the hunky Tom, Mr Carrington himself, to spend the special day with. Life couldn’t get any more perfect.

But when Tom springs a surprise, all of Georgie’s plans are thrown into chaos. Carrington’s is getting a fresh lease of life in a hot new reality TV show, featuring the formidable retail guru, Kelly Cooper.christmaswoman

As the first show airs, Georgie is horrified to be shown in a far from flattering light. Worse is to come when Kelly’s vile daughter appears to get her claws into Tom. Georgie fears this will be the worst Christmas ever, but Santa still has a little surprise for her stocking this year – she’ll just have to wait until Christmas to find out.

'And what kind of name is Pussy for a dog anyway?'

Georgie Hart, Christmas At Carrington's
'What's she come as? A pork pie!'

Eddie, Christmas At Carrington's
'These days you can have sex on a first date if you want to. That's what the suffragettes did for us. They gave us that choice.'

Sam, Christmas at Carrington's
'Mmm, if I lose about two stone and hand out beer goggles to everyone who glances my way.'

Georgie Hart, Christmas At Carrington's
‘You’re going to be on that jungle programme, baring your teeth like a baboon when your cheeks peel back to your ears as you’re dropped from a helicopter into the Australian bush.'

Eddie, Christmas At Carrington's