Here are some words I never imagined writing ….

I did a photoshoot!

And thank you, my friends, for all your help with the outfit choice debate on my Facebook page for a new author picture to go on the cover of my new book, THE WISH, coming Spring 2018. I got to wear both in the end. Here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ pictures in the red option which might look all glam, but what you can’t see is that the pergola almost tipped on top of me …

Being prepped in the pergola

Then naughty Puppy Oscar decided to do a dump right in the middle of the lawn and then there was a giant spider in the lavender bush within jumping distance of my legs.

It was a wonderful day in the end and I’m so very grateful my editor and publicist were there to help me relax, because I’d worked myself into a right bundle of anxiety beforehand.

Striking a pose for the camera

Strike a pose

And there really was no need, as Philippa the photographer was amazing, so encouraging and flattering. She gave brilliant direction and made me feel like a model … which I most deffo am not!

Behind the scenes

So I hope to have some lovely new author pictures to share with you very soon.

Luck & love,

Alex x