The Secret of Orchard Cottage Audio Edition

This week I had the most amazing opportunity to record the author’s note for the audio edition of my new novel, The Secret of Orchard Cottage, out June 2nd, and what an opportunity it was. I absolutely loved it and felt right at home in the studio, which is ironic really, given that when I was at school and had that meeting with the careers teacher where she asked me what I wanted to do when I left school, I mumbled something about wanting to write books or perhaps be a radio presenter, but when she responded with an eye roll and proceeded to tell me that a hairdressing course might suit me better, I shelved my ambitions.


Well, Mrs Careers Teacher, I have four words for you … LOOK AT ME NOW.

studio2    Studio3

I know recording an author’s note isn’t the same as being an actual radio presenter, but I felt right at home in that studio, excited and relaxed, like I belonged, and I can honestly say that I didn’t want it to end. And I did a blooming good job recording that author’s note, sooooo what I learnt this week was, don’t let anyone crush your dreams.

Luck and love

Alex x