Knit Off in America!

Well darlings, just after I landed in New York to launch The Great Christmas Knit Off in America, I was shown a copy of Cupcakes At Carrington’s in Indonesian.


Cue mind blown to pieces as I try to keep up with the international shenanigans of my books. I need to knit a few rows now with a nice cup of tea to calm down.



Luck and love

Alex x

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  1. mekka riadhah says:

    hi alexandra,

    i’ve just finished read cupcakes at carrington’s. i love it so much:) funny n inspiring. entertaining n enlightening. is the sequel’s indonesian version already available?

    anyway, after i bought that book, i left it on my bookshelf couple days. i am a working mom so sometimes it’s quite hard to find reading time:) but once i had time to read it, i couldnt stop,hehehe….


    • Alex says:

      Dear Mekka

      Thank you for your email. I¹m so pleased that you loved Cupcakes at
      Carrington¹s, especially as you¹re a working mom, I am too and know how
      precious time to read can be so thank you for giving your time to read my

      Hopefully, the next Carrington¹s books will be available in Indonesia very
      soon, if you sign up to my newsletter I will be sure to let you know the
      publication dates as soon as I have them.

      Best wishes
      Alex xx