Cupcakes At Carrington’s – ONE DAY to go!

Publication day is almost here!! And lots of people have asked about the inspiration for the Carrington’s series so here are some pics that have been on the wall of my office for the last year or so…

First up is Hanningtons department store in Brighton. Sadly, it’s closed down now, but I have fond memories of visiting with my Nan as a child. It exuded luxury – the deep pile carpet, the open gilt cage lift, the old-fashioned tea room, the polite sales assistants with their receipt pads, right through to the smell of Revlon lipstick and Chanel perfume. But the most exciting trip was always to see Father Christmas, I remember going up in the lift to his ‘grotto’  and then exiting at the other end of the store, it was truly magical.

Photo of Hanningtons


Georgie Hart, the heroine of the Carrington’s series is utterly stunned when she first spots sexy newcomer, Tom Rossi. This is who I had in mind when I was writing about him. TOM FORD. His picture has been on my office wall for well over a year now. Cor!

Photo of Tom Ford

Georgie runs the Women’s Accessories section and loves this gorgeous midnight blue Mulberry tote with rose gold detailing… look out for it’s appearance in the book.

Photo of the Mulberry bag


And of course Georgie loves a red velvet cupcake with buttercream icing in her best friend Sam’s cafe, which is actually called Cupcakes At Carrington’s.


Photo of red velvet cupcakes

And don’t forget to send me your pics of Cupcakes at Carrington’s when you spot it in the shops, either email via the contact page, or post on my author page on Facebook or Tweet me using the links on the left hand side bar. There’s a prize for the most exciting spotting…

Luck and love

Alexandra x