Partaaaayy… HarperFiction style!

postphoto-e1354230313699-225x300I do love a good do, and last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Christmas party at the world famous The Ivy Club in London, the entrance of which is discreetly concealed within a flower shop (I love that) and hosted by my wonderful publishers, HarperCollins.

The party was held in the beautiful Art Deco inspired Loft Room, reached via a glass lift; with a pianist and double bass player creating an authentic lounge bar feel.


I had such a good time meeting everyone from the fiction team and chatting to Fern Britton, who I have to say looked totally fabulous after her time on Strictly – we have the same editor don’t you know… but the best part of the evening was being told that foreign rights for Cupcakes At Carrington’s have been bought by an Indonesian publisher, so my book will be available to buy there too. Yee-ha!

Luck and love

Alexandra x

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  1. Lucy B says:

    Congratulations Alexandra and the party sounds amazing x

  2. SJP says:

    The entrance sounds so romantic and mysterious. Well done xoxo