Pump pump…

After two years of being a big fanny of worry about having ‘some work’ done, I took the plunge and had my face pumped. Restylane. And what a beautiful thing it is. Gone are the marionette lines (corner of the mouth) that made me look sad, and who even knew that’s what they were called? Not me, until I started my research. Even the nasal labial lines (nose to mouth) have practically disappeared, leaving me feeling happy and light and skippy.

My dentist did the honours, she’s a maxillofacial expert, so I knew I was in proper professional hands. Antiseptic and anaesthetic creams were applied and after a number of tiny scratch like sensations, it was over and the difference was immediate. Like magic.

Of course I know some people disapprove of such things and that’s their choice, but by the numerous tweets, FB comments and chats with friends, it seems there are loads of people out there wanting to have it done.  Anyway, feminism to me is about choice and not slagging off other women for exercising that choice. This was my choice, and nothing to do with social pressure, or wanting to look good for a man… I just got fed up of looking like a sad old beanbag.

That is all…

ps – I’m still working on the ‘beanbag’ bit.

Luck and love

Alexandra x