I’m In The Mood…

For Christmas, oh yes, I A-D-O-R-E this time of year, the cosiness, the anticipation, the sparkle and now sharing in QT’s excitement. I asked her what she’d like Father Christmas to bring… her answer? Play Doh! Easily pleased. Me? A Lucky Voice karaoke machine.

But seriously, this time of year is all about reflection for me, looking back and remebering what’s happened, the highs, the lows, the exquisite moments where dreams come true, they don’t come along very often but I was lucky enough to have two this year. The first, QT’s new birth certificate arriving in the post one mundane Monday morning, with no warning, fanfare, not even a covering letter, just a piece of paper with our names next to boxes labelled ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’.  I had a cup of tea and a CurlyWurly to celebrate. The second moment is still ongoing, so if you hear a big squeeey scream, then you’ll know that dream has come true too.

Thought I’d share some of our Christmassy pics. The pink box in this picture has a tag on saying ‘special little girl 2010’, I bought it last year to celebrate our first Christmas with QT, and the sparkly white seal below was chosen this year by QT because… quote, “he pants like a doggy”. The mind boggles.

Photo of Christmas tree

Photo of Christmas tree


Here’s Rudolph, the reindeer who greeted us at the Christmas tree plantation.

Happy Christmas and may all your dreams come true too…

Luck and love

Alexandra x

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  1. Ciao Alex,

    Lovely blog put together by a lovely lady. Sharing Christmas with a child is so heartwarming that one’s chest almost bursts with the sheer happiness of it all. My little girl is now 40, but nothing changes. I sent her an on-line advent calendar from Jaquie Lawson’s animated cards; if you have not discovered this site you should!

    Amore June x

  2. Alex Brown says:

    Aw, thanks June. I’ll check out the site x

  3. Jenny p says:

    Alex I love reading about QT, thanks for sharing x

  4. Lovely! Was just having a bit of an ‘oh God, not Christmas, again’ moment, and you’ve reminded me of all the things I really love about it. So now I’m off Christmas shopping, wish me luck!

  5. Alex Brown says:

    Good luck Jane, and I’m thrilled to have been of service, I’m just like one of Santa’s little helpers 🙂 xx

  6. Caroline says:

    LOVE this blog post. Hope all your Christmas wishes come true, lovely lady x

  7. Alex Brown says:

    Thanks Caroline, hope your Christmas is full of magic xx