I See You Baby…

Shaking that ass. Oh yes, our first Christmas with QT, and what can I say, other than that it was special. Emotional. Even the Lovely Husband had a little eye-glisten when QT took her first proper independent steps, and I’m not talking about me holding her hands while pulling my best ‘encouraging’ face as she attempts a Frankenstein shuffle before collapsing in a heap of giggles on the floor.

No, these were proper one-foot-in-front-of-the-other steps, five to be exact, and we like to think that she saved them up especially for us. A present from QT… and on Christmas Day too. Perfect timing.

And talking of timing, check out QT in her Santa suit as she wiggles along to Louis Spence’s queen’s speech.

Click here to see QT shaking her booty

Luck and love

Alexandra x

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  1. The Lovely Husband says:

    That was no tear, I simply had something in my eye 🙂

  2. What a fantastic moment! She really is a gorgeous little thing, and the best thing of all is – you know how lucky you are. I often forget, when I look at my kids just how fortunate I am to have them all happy and healthy. It’s an easy thing to overlook and I really should try harder to appreciate them.

  3. Mark Wilford says:

    Something in your eye huh? … you sook!

    It is a fantastic moment … well worth a manly moment, and live it, feel it, relish it because down the track these memories will be the ones you think about with a warm smile and wish she’d never grown up when the tenager wants to go with that boy you’d rather she didn’t.

    and … what acute bum wiggle … great video to pull out at QTs 18th ;-).

    and … I am so looking forward to this stuff with Jellybean.

  4. Sam Harris says:

    She’s so cute. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Kath says:

    She’s too cute! and I love how much you’re enjoying having her as a part of your lives. It’s ace to see you all so happy together.

  6. It’s an adorable clip…she is such a sweetheart. Glad you’re enjoying her so much x